Why You Should Pursue a CCNA certification?

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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a program where you can get certified as an entry level network engineer. The course helps you maximize your knowledge and investment in foundational networking and also increase value of employer’s network. Through CCNA, it validates ability to install, configure, operate medium size routed and switched networks.

CCNA is one of the Cisco’s most popular certification and it is also one the industry’s most promising career credentials.

The broad set topics covered under CCNA are:

  • WAN & LAN design
  • OSI models
  • IP addressing
  • Routers & Routing protocol
  • Network security management

Advantage of CCNA certified:

  1. Valued and vouched IT certification across the globe
  2. Almost millions of candidates have passed and are successful in their career
  3. It benefits both employer and the employee
  4. The certification gives enormous skills about networking

Where can you grow your career?

Network Engineer: Network engineer is one who is also called as network architect and he designs and implements computer network. The network engineer selects appropriate component for data communication and configure them in such a way that meets user and corporate needs. Network engineer is responsible for construction of high performing LAN, WAN, Internet.

Network Technician: Network technician installs and maintain network components. They also troubleshoot LAN, WAN and data communication equipment. They analyze and also fix the network related problem which are reported by users.

Network security analyst: Network security analyst is responsible for setting up encryption for company emails. They also work with the company to ensure that servers are secured. They review computer network to determine if they are protected from cyber threats. They protect computer networks from malicious intrusion.

Advancement in career:

Being a CCNA certified person, it will highly improve your chance of getting promoted and being placed in further responsibilities. Also, you can get a higher paying position.

Employers give more credits to CCNA certified professional in today’s increasingly competitive IT sector. If there is a CCNA certified person it helps company to get more projects.

According to US survey, it is said that an average CCNA certified professional get a salary from around $30,000 – $90,000 based upon his experience and knowledge on Networking.


Opting for CCNA certified course will give you a strong impact in your networking knowledge and qualification. Through this examination it is proved that you are prepared for real time eventualities. In some company it is mandatory for candidate to be CCNA certified for various networking positions.

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