Career opportunities for Dot net Experts

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.net career

Dot Net, which was introduced a decade back is still in demand in job markets. Though Windows forms and silver light were replaced by Java script, CSS3 and HTML5, .Net is going strong even today, with Microsoft focusing on.NET 4.5 in association with c# and Visual Studio 2012 for developing Windows Store Apps, ALM, Web Applications and MCSD tracks among others.

In the present technology driven world, Information technology is one of the most developing career segments and Dot net has a high growth prospect in this domain. The basic career objective of any dot net specialist will be to develop an application which can be run on any platform. The Dot Net software application is used to build applications for different platforms including XML web applications and a range of web services like application and server programs, which is compatible with mobile devices and PC alike. The versatility of .Dot is its biggest advantage as it can be used for data transfer from one computer to the other.

Many prestigious institutions all around the world are offering courses in .net. Students with B.E, M.C.A or computer diploma courses can all apply for this course. Persons with prior experience are in great demand in the job markets as there is a wide gap between supply and demand. Though fresh graduates are recruited as software developers, professionals specialized in dot net will find a lot of other career opportunities. Employers look for an international certification and training from a reputed institution while hiring dot net professionals. International certifications, which can be done online will enhance the career worthiness of candidates tremendously as these are offered by IT giants like Cisco and Microsoft.

The aspiring dot net job seekers should go for MCTS ( or MCTS ( which are specialized international certifications provided by Microsoft or courses like CCNA or CCNP offered by Cisco Systems, USA. Certified professionals are hired by many reputed IT companies like HCL for various capacities like Network Analyst or Network administrator, etc.  There are also many short term courses and distance education programs for dot net professionals to develop their programming techniques. To further boost your professional expertise, a master’s degree will be a good option.

Career prospects

Dot net career scope is really high all over the world as companies prefer experienced dot net specialists to work on different platforms and devices using this highly reliable software of Dot net. The most common career openings in this segment include that of web programmers, designers and developers. The most sought after job openings in dot net include AJAX, ASP.NET and SQL among others. Depending on the career trends, aspirants can fine tune their skills to fit in the bills. For instance, for an ASP.NET developer position, advanced experience in Microsoft SQL server language or Java Script will be useful.

Another popular dot NET job is that of Web designers or developers. If you have a strong visual and verbal communication skills, it will be a perfect career choice for you.


The average salary for this dot NET job ranges between $55,250 and $90,250 but this may vary depending on the expertise and hands on experience.

Career development

Dot net is an ever evolving and versatile software platform that offers a range of exciting career opportunities. So, if you are keen to keep yourselves updated with the latest in computer software program, you can pursue a dot net certification. Apart from an exciting career choice, it will give you ample scope for career advancements and high remuneration packages as well.

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