Machine Learning Courses in Navi-Mumbai


IIHT kharghar Provides Machine Learning courses in Navi-Mumbai, as the demand for the machine learning is raising high we Machine learning training institute in Navi-Mumbai promising to give a professional edge to career and it is expected that around 2022 it will grow at 40-50% which eventually will raise the recruitment for machine learning technology.


The candidates taking the Machine Learning courses in Navi-Mumbai will be offered:
1.100% Job placement.
2. Corporate staff for training.
3. Access to the lab.
4. Career guidance from the superiors.

Machine Learning Course Details:

Class overview: Class organization, topics overview, software etc.

  • what is ML
  • Problems
  • data
  • tools
  • Visualization

Linear regression :

  • SSE
  • gradient descent
  • closed form
  • normal equations
  • features
  • Overfitting and complexity
  • training, validation, test data
  • Classification problems
  • decision boundaries
  • nearest neighbour methods
  • Probability and classification
  • Bayes optimal decisions
  • Naive Bayes
  • Gaussian class-conditional distribution
  • Linear classifiers
  • Bayes’ Rule
  • Naive Bayes Model
  • Logistic regression
  • online gradient descent
  • Neural Networks
  • Decision tree
  • Ensemble methods
  • Bagging
  • random forests
  • boosting
  • A more detailed discussion on Decision Tree and Boosting
  • Unsupervised learning
  • clustering
  • k-means
  • hierarchical agglomeration
  • Advanced discussion on clustering and EM
  • Latent space methods
  • PCA.
  • Text representations
  • naive Bayes
  • multinomial models
  • clustering
  • latent space models

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