Diploma in PHP Professional


    Part I:

  • Getting Up and Running with PHP
  • Introducing PHP 3
  • Your First PHP Script
     Part II:

  • Learning the Language
  • PHP Language Basics
  • Decisions and Loops, Strings, Arrays, Functions, Objects
     Part III:

  • Using PHP in Practice
  • Handling HTML Forms with PHP
  • Preserving State with Query Strings, Cookies, and Sessions
  • Working with Files and Directories
  • Introducing Databases and SQL
  • Retrieving Data from MySQL with PHP
  • Manipulating MySQL Data with PHP
  • Making Your Job Easier with PEAR
  • PHP and the Outside World
  • Generating Images with PHP
  • String Matching with Regular Expressions
  • Working with XML
  • Writing High-Quality Code
  • Automated Code Testing with PHP Unit

Duration: 124 Hours

Certification: Zend Certificated Engineer (ZCE)

Cost: US $125 in Pearson Value

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