Career Opportunities for PHP Professionals

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What is PHP?

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source scripting language used worldwide for web development and server-side scripting. Web servers can also be configured to process HTML files with PHP without users knowing the underlying code. It is extremely simple for beginners to learn, and offers several advanced features for professional programmers. Traditionally used for server-side scripting, this language can collect form data, send and receive cookies, generate dynamic page content, and perform a variety of other functions.


Why are PHP professionals hired?

This scripting language can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other major operating systems. One of its best features is that it supports a wide range of databases. In their efforts to boost website traffic and increasing revenues, businesses hire PHP programmers to design robust web applications. They also recruit these professionals to evaluate and improve the existing programming systems. Other responsibilities of PHP professionals include optimizing and maintaining SQL Server databases, improving backup and recovery strategy and managing a general network setup.


The Current PHP Job Market

As it is an open source platform, PHP is popular among web developers and can be used with great ease to create dynamic and fully functional websites that also have an aesthetic appeal. With the help of developers with good PHP programming knowledge, businesses can also create applications at much lower costs. The demand for PHP professionals still exists across the globe. A single search on the popular Indian job portal,, returns more than 9,000 results for PHP jobs. On, there are over a thousand PHP job opportunities available. The LinkedIn search results for openings in PHP can go over 7,000 in number.


Opportunities for a fresher

After learning PHP and acquiring the required skills for entering the job market, a fresher can also find tremendous opportunities, especially in web development firms and web application development companies. As many of the startups prefer developing their websites on PHP to save costs and efforts, they are always in need of professionals with relevant skills. As they cannot afford the huge salaries of experienced professionals, they choose to hire a fresher for the job. After gaining entry in such organizations, a fresher gathers experience over a period of time. Such individuals can then demand a better salary package. Some also get ample opportunities to earn their desired income from freelance projects.


Opportunities for experienced professionals

As one gathers experience as a PHP professional, opportunities open up in various companies with an attractive monthly salary. Having handled a number of PHP projects and acquired good management skills, one can also advance in this field as a project manager. At this stage the remuneration offered by companies would be immense and can also be accompanied by certain incentives. Opportunities may open up in one’s existing organization in the form of a promotion. The PHP programmers get a chance to earn a massive income by seizing an opportunity overseas. Among them, those who are interested in setting up their own development firm would also have plenty of scope to build and expand their business.

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