Career Opportunities in Big Data for Hadoop Experts

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hadoop career

As the amount of information continues to grow in recent times, a whole new world is being envisioned – a world where data gathered from various reliable sources is transformed into valuable business inputs. Such inputs are then utilized to generate revenues by an organization. This enormous ‘layer of information’ is known as Big Data. It has been fueling global economic growth ever since its introduction and carries the potential to generate millions of new jobs in the days to come. According to the predictions put forth by Gartner, an American research firm, the demand for Big Data would create more than 4 million jobs in the IT industry worldwide. More than a million of them would be in the United States alone.

Despite the growing demand for experts in this field, the supply has been rather slow. As information would drive the next economic cycle, data professionals would be in great demand. If the IT professionals are on the lookout for a highly rewarding career in data analytics in large corporate organizations, Hadoop is the technology that they need to master. This technology has been widely adopted by several organizations, and they are willing to pay as much as they can to hire and retain its experts. So what do Hadoop experts have in store for them in the world of Big Data? The following points can provide some insights:

Massive opportunities for a better career: Having skills and expertise in this field would mean the beginning of a dream career for an individual. An urgent need for such IT professionals and the technology being implemented across several big organizations can also be a great career accelerator. Both a fresher and an experienced professional can benefit from this recent phenomenon. It is, of course, in for the long term and is not a short-lived one.

Big salaries: A beginner can expect an approximate salary of $119,250 and can go over $178,000 as he or she gathers experience. There are companies that would be willing to pay more, owing to the impact of this technology being larger on their business.

Chance to work with big organizations: Some of the biggest companies in the world, such as, Deloitte, IBM, and Hewlett Packard are looking for Hadoop experts, and are willing to pay huge salaries to hire them. Having the relevant skills and expertise would open the gates of such large corporations to the IT professionals.

An organization that is keen to capitalize on the benefits of Big Data would need an expert data analyst to mine information and analyze it for making an impact on its business goals. With big companies increasingly launching such initiatives, experienced engineers in the related field would be in great demand., a career website serving IT and engineering professionals, has informed that there has been an increase in the salaries of such professionals last year. According to, another popular career website, there were about 500 jobs open for Hadoop developers in San Francisco and more than 450 jobs for such professionals existed in California-based startups. Market experts have predicted a promising future for such experts, as the job prospects for them would continue to improve with time.

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