Java vs. .Net programming language

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Which programming language is the best – Java or .Net – is a hot debate among job aspirants and IT professionals. JAVA programming language is used by more than 6.5 million developers. Originally released in 1995, this high level programming language derives much of its syntax from C and C++. Essentially, it is an object-oriented language and its codes are simple and easy. Since it is a globally supported programming language, there are committed developers trained to catch bugs quickly and fix them.

On the other hand, the Microsoft .NET framework is a technology that is accessible with several Microsoft Windows operating systems. The .NET Framework is mainly aimed for use with new applications created exclusively for the Windows platform. If you look at the utility value of both the programming languages , you will observe that both are in great demand in the IT and IT-enabled industries.

Java vs. .Net job demand

Although Java professionals are considered to be more in demand than .Net, it is estimated that India holds a big demand for .NET professionals with over 80 thousand jobs annually. However, in the US, there is a need for more Java professionals. But, things are changing fast and industry experts predict a bright future for .Net professionals. The job profile of a typical .NET developer includes writing web pages codes, developing applications for mobile, Windows and console platforms. They have accesses to databases and business servers, and can also tests software for websites. Following which a .Net developer can modify and debugs software. The .NET programming language is self-sufficient to develop and deploy web service-based IT architecture development.

It is a great skill to learn since Microsoft’s special emphasis on popularizing it in India creates a lot of demand of .net developers to get placed in bigger IT organizations. We live in a fast, technology driven times, and hence, learning any new skill or software will never go waste. To keep pace with the changing technology landscape, a developer should ideally learn both the programming languages to enhance career prospects.


If you are a .net trained professionally, you can apply for a role of web application developer, software developer, window store application developer, senior software developer, software engineer, and so on. For a trained diploma core java course professional, there are a multitude of job roles, such as, web developer, software developer, software engineer, J2EE developer and software support engineer. Therefore, whether you are a Java trained professional or a .Net trained, the job prospects are bright.

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