Job opportunities in the IT sector of India

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job opportunities

India’s information technology (IT) sector is growing faster as compared to any other sector.  For the fiscal year 2014-2015, the IT industry is expected to grow 13-15 percent, creating employment for more than 13 million people. By 2020, Indian IT industry is likely to grow to about $300. Due to rapid industrialization, IT companies are growing faster. Development in special economic zone has further resulted in rise of IT companies by providing tax benefits to these companies. In a country like India, it is easy to set up an IT company as the resources are readily available at low operating costs, which makes the sector grow and create more employment opportunities. More employment opportunities means new careers in technology. Here is the list of most promising IT careers in India.

Top tech jobs

These jobs are the highest paid jobs in the IT sector.

1. IT consultant

In this job, you are required to evaluate the systems and do the research that no one else entirely understands. It is ranked as world’s best jobs because every company needs IT consultants to figure out the cheapest and fastest ways to run their computers better. A bachelor’s degree in computer science and with some experience can help you earn up to $96,400.

2. Mobile application developer

Today’s world is full of smartphones and tablets, therefore businesses are relying on IT professionals with experience to develop the app using basic coding languages. You just need a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, mobile computer and you will earn $90,000.

3. Web developer

Web developers are jacks of all professions as they create web pages and web applications. However, you need to have an excellent understanding of a good operating system, and what an average surfer finds visually interesting and how to optimize sites for mobile tech. You must be an expert in web languages, like HTML and JavaScript. Various IT institutes offer core java courses which helps you learn java.

4. Data modeler

A data modeler create data designs and define relationships between data fields. Since any company’s data is important, its modeling needs to work perfectly which makes the salary go till $103,000.

5. Cloud architect

Cloud computing course helps you to understand storage space of the computer. As the storage space can’t be touched literally and it needs to be organized and given an architecture, which is done by a cloud architect. A cloud architect earns $112,000, which makes it one of the highest paid IT jobs.

There are many more IT jobs which needs a certification from an IT institutes. Search your nearest IT Training Institute and enroll today.

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