Learn the basics of Hadoop

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hadoop basics

What basically is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source framework that allows to store and process big data in a distributed environment across a cluster of computer using simple programming model. It is designed to connect single server across thousand machines offering a local storage.

It is an Apache open source framework written in Java which allows distributed processing of large dataset across various computer using simple programming model.

How is Hadoop different from past techniques?

Handling data in a very fluid way:  Hadoop is quite faster, cheaper database and an analytic tool. The data in Hadoop can be unstructured once you can just dump your data in Hadoop. But in the case of Relational database, the data must be in a structured manner and a proper schema is to be applied for sorting of data.

Simplified programming model: The programming model used in Hadoop is simple, the model allows the user to quickly write and test the software in distributed system.

Hadoop can store any kind of data; it stores information of various formats. So computation of information from the large database is easy but creating a software for distributed system is quite difficult. But by trading program flexibility Hadoop makes it easy to write a program for distributed system.

Easy to administer: Hadoop handles a huge amount of data and also the various format of data so while handling huge amount there might be a possibility that a node might fail. But Hadoop handles the node failure on its own, if there is a node failure then it makes sure that the computation will work on other node and the data is stored in another node.

Agile: Relational database is good at storing and processing structured data but it cannot handle unstructured data and it lacks in agility and scalability. Hadoop can handle huge amount of data which can be both structured and unstructured data.

Why use Apache Hadoop?

It’s cost effective: The cost of Hadoop database is quite affordable per terabyte than comparing to any other platform. Hadoop delivers, computes and storage for hundreds of dollars per terabyte.

It’s fault tolerant: The most advantage of using Hadoop is because of its fault tolerance. When we are connected to cluster of computer and doing a job in it, the data is replicated across cluster of computer so that it can be easily recoverable if there is a node failure.

It’s flexible: The biggest assets of Hadoop are that its flexibility. It’s quite expensive to store data of various format in other database but Hadoop stores all types of data which is both structured and unstructured data.


Hadoop is one of the latest trend which is going through out the IT industry. The above blog gives you basic information about the Hadoop but there are many interesting things to learn in Hadoop. People are making themselves update about Hadoop.  There are many IT training institute which offers you course in Hadoop, and can also help to have a career in Hadoop.

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